Science ignites all pupils’ curiosity in the world around them, instilling respect for all living organisms and our environment, and ensuring that our children recognise that developments in science, shape and change our lives. Our teaching of science develops scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics.

At Ashby Fields, we teach working scientifically through the six key areas of; asking questions, making predictions, setting up tests, observing and measuring, recording data and interpreting and explaining our findings.

The topics covered throughout school are:

  • Plants
  • Animals including humans
  • Everyday materials
  • Seasonal changes
  • Living things and their habitats
  • Rocks
  • Light
  • Forces and magnets
  • States of Matter
  • Sound
  • Electricity
  • Earth and Space
  • Properties and Changes of Materials
  • Evolution and Inheritance
  • Scientists and Inventors

Regular events such as Science Week gives pupils the opportunity to ask and investigate their own questions. Professionals from various scientific backgrounds visit our school, informing and inspiring our pupils to consider careers in science.