Children who are identified as having 'Special Educational Needs' (SEND) or Social, Emotional, Mental Health needs (SEMH) will require teaching and learning programmes which are additional to or different from their peers.  These can be intellectual, emotional, medical, behavioural or physical. Children may have SEND or SEMH needs throughout or at any time during their school career.  Children with special needs are identified as early as possible to provide them with the extra support they require either in the classroom, individually or in a small group. 

We follow the Local Authority guidelines and code of practice regarding the assessment and identification of children with special needs.  We work closely with a variety of specialists (including the educational psychologist, community paediatrician, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, school nurse team, etc.), to ensure that we meet the needs of all children effectively.  Parents and children are actively involved from the very beginning and we value this support.