Reading is a key skill that underpins a child’s ability to access the wider curriculum and allows them to broaden their vocabulary and develop vivid imaginations.

At Ashby Fields we ensure children are given lots of opportunities to read for both pleasure and as part of their daily learning. We use a multi-layered approach starting with daily phonic sessions in EYFS and Key stage 1, developing story language and sequence through the use of puppets, small world play, actions and story maps.

From Year 2, children use the ‘DERIC’ approach which develops their understanding of the text they are reading. This approach encourages the children to become ‘reading detectives’ exploring new vocabulary, the effects of words chosen and the impact on the reader.

Reading – Avanti Gardens

DERIC stands for:

  • Decoding teaches children to use their phonic knowledge to read unfamiliar words.
  • Explain ensures children can understand unfamiliar words and broaden their vocabulary.
  • Retrieve teaches the children to find information in the text in order to answer specific questions.
  • Interpret encourages children to look at what is meant by the text and justify their interpretation of it with evidence.
  • Choice focusses on the authors choice of words or layout. Children are encouraged to discuss the effect of specific choices that the author has made.

To develop children’s love of reading we also offer the following opportunities:

  • Individual reading books – These are levelled books that the children will bring home to read as part of their home learning.
  • Book swap boxes – These are found outside each classroom and children can swap books from home.
  • Class readers – Teachers select high level texts to share with their children on a daily basis
  • Library – Children have weekly library sessions and are encouraged to select books to take home to share with parents and carers.
  • Reading Challenges – These are reading challenges for each year group.