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Board of Governance

InMAT is governed by a Board of Directors all of whom are drawn from the academies in the Trust. The Board is drawn up in line with the model provided by the Department for Education.

The Board is made up of three groups all of whom work together to enhance the education of the children in our care.

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Local Academy Committee

Our Local Academy Committee are a group of volunteers.  

The role of the Committee is to:

  • Monitor the delivery of the curriculum and the quality of teaching and learning
  • Ensure good quality provision for all children, especially those with Special Educational Needs
  • Act as a critical friend to the Head teacher, providing support and challenge
  • Monitor the physical environment of the school including health and safety and access to the school
  • Develop, review and implement policies

To do this, meetings are held and members also visit the school to talk and work with staff and children, seeing the school at work and play!

We are grateful to our Local Academy Committee for their ongoing support and guidance

The Clerk to the Governors is Ken Bonser

If you would like to talk to a governor, please contact the school office and a governor will get in touch with you.  If you wish to bring any matters to the attention of the Governing Body, you should address your correspondence to: Chair of Governors, c/o Ashby Fields Primary School.  Wimborne Place. Daventry.  NN11 0YP.




                                                                                      November 2021

Dear All,

Each school within the Inspire Multi Academy Trust (InMAT) has a Local Academy Committee (LAC) which is made up of Committee Members, otherwise known as Governors, representing parents, staff and the community. The LAC meets on a regular basis and receives reports on school performance and activities. Its functions include:

1. Building a close understanding of how the school is led and managed.

2. Monitoring whether the school is

    • Working within agreed policies
    • Meeting agreed targets
    • Managing its finances well

3. Engaging with stakeholders

4. Being a point of consultation and representation

5. Reporting to the Board of InMAT.

The LAC is critically important to maintain and support the Headteacher and staff in school and provide assistance across all important areas of activity. The LAC also monitors the performance and conduct of the school to ensure it is operating in the best interests of the pupils and their parents and carers.

Although LAC meetings over the last year have been by Zoom due to Covid restrictions we have now resumed face to face meetings and hope that these can continue. The Governors also like to visit to the school to observe activities and report back to the LAC. Although these visits have also been curtailed it is hoped that they can now be resumed.

The present composition of the LAC is:

Robert (Bob) Symons Chair and Co-opted Member            H&S


Alison Solomon          Vice Chair and Co-opted Member    Safeguarding and Well Being 


Nick Wilmot                Parent                                               Website


Andrew Dunkley         Co-opted                                           SEN and Pupil Premium


Caroline Campbell      Co-opted  


Rachel Edkins               Headteacher


Emma Ramm              Staff elected Member                        Sports Premium


Louisa Broad               Assistant Headteacher and Associate Member


Ken Bonser                 Clerk


There are two vacancies on the LAC, one Parent and one Co-opted, so if anyone would like to join, please let me know.

As the LAC we are keen to improve standards across the school curriculum but particularly in reading, writing and maths. We will focus on the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and review progress against its criteria and priorities.

We will consult with parents and carers, pupils and staff to review the values of the school and its progress. We remain dedicated to doing the best for the school and all its pupils.



Bob Symons

(Chair of LAC, Ashby Fields Primary School)