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Values are back and they need you!


Our values have always been a key part of our school but since we dropped to four values, the focus for the children has not been so strong. However, this is all about to change and you can help.

We now have 11 key values, one for every month that the children are in school.  These values are shown below:

Month Value
September Friendship/love
October Responsibility
November Respect
December Forgiveness
January Courage
February Patience
March Independence
April Self-belief
May Happiness
June Team Spirit
July Honesty

In School:

Each month, assemblies will focus on the given value; PSHE lessons will be based around the value and children will be given stickers for demonstrating that value.

At home:

We would really like these values to become central to everything that the children do and that's where you come in.  We would like you to reinforce the value of the month at home and then send us a nomination if your child really demonstrates that value.  This could be in the form of an email to myself , a photograph of how they demonstrated the value or a note given in to the office.  These will then be placed on the Values display board that will be in the main office area so that everyone can celebrate their successes. Each month, I will also post a picture of the display on our website so that all achievements can be seen.


This system will begin from February so please get your nominations pouring in during February as the children show Patience.

Thank you

 We would really appreciate your support in this as together we can continue to develop well-rounded young people with a set of core values which positively influence their daily lives.