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This month's value is Friendship. How will you show it?

Are you bursting with happiness?  Do you always show respect?  Do you believe in yourself and support others showing friendship and tolerance?  Are you independent, honest and responsible? Can you show courage?  Are you patiently waiting to see why I am asking you all these questions?  Then wait no longer, values are back and you are the perfect person to demonstrate them.


We are bringing back the value of the month.  Each month, assemblies, PSHE and general teaching will reflect the value.  You can help by sharing these values through your behaviour and attitude to learning.  Stickers will be given out during each month to children who are showing that month's value.


Your parents will also be able to nominate you for showing values outside of school.  These nominations will be put on a display board in the main office area and will be updated each month.  A photo of the display board will also be put on the website at the end of each month so everyone can see what a great example of values you are.  You could even nominate your parents or your teachers to make sure that they are showing values too!  This will start in February, so take up the challenge and show your values!


Our values are:

Month Value
September Friendship/love
October Responsibility
November Respect
December Forgiveness
January Courage
February Patience
March Independence
April Self-belief
May Happiness
June Team Spirit
July Honesty

We hope that you enjoy developing values with us.