Our school mission, strategic aims and curriculum.

Our school community ethos is based on six core elements: aspiration, curiosity, respect, responsibility, resilience and creativity. Whilst we encourage everyone to show these characteristics all year round, we particularly focus on one each half term through classroom practice and assemblies. Adults are expected to model these attributes at all times and reward children for displaying them.The Ashby Fields tree showing curiosity, respect, responsibility, aspiration, resilience and creativity

We want our children to leave Ashby Fields Primary School as well-rounded members of the community with a wide range of knowledge and skills which will equip them for secondary school and the wider world. They should be aspirational and know that success is achieved by making mistakes, learning and moving on. We want all our children to know they belong to our Ashby Fields Family, they are important and their voice matters.

Our strategic aims are to nurture, inspire and empower your children to be the best they can be.

Curriculum Implementation

Whilst we teach the children the National Curriculum, we have also created our own set of key skills and knowledge which we deem ‘non-negotiables’ for each year group. These are taught through the topics or discreetly, whichever is most appropriate to ensure knowledge and skills are embedded and transferred into long term memory. The key skills for each year group may be found on the class pages of the school website. Whole school topics are created from a philosophical question and each year group follows their own line of enquiry. This ensures children’s learning is progressive and relevant to their stage of development as well as encompassing a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum has been carefully crafted by staff to meet the needs of our children and ensure diversity and inclusivity. Special weeks during the year ensure specific knowledge and skills are developed and embedded.

Experiences and Trips

Children are given the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities to enhance the curriculum, these include: theatre, pantomime, dance workshops, residentials, a trip to the seaside, museums, life education bus, swimming, Bikeability, secondary school workshops, local walks, visits to the church. These experiences give our children tools with which to inspire and develop their creativity and imagination.

What Makes Us Unique?

Through trials we ascertained whole school topics are the most successful, i.e. the children enjoy them more and remember the content more easily. This allows staff to collaborate which ensures imagination, excitement, variety and progression as well as supporting their wellbeing. This, in turn, engages and inspires our learners. Parents, particularly those with children in different year groups, are more able to engage with and support the learning at home.

We appreciate that many children relish the challenge of competitions and we host a wide range of contests across the curriculum to support learning. They include a spelling bee, reading challenges, DT challenge, science fair, various sporting events to name but a few.

Ashby Fields FM

We are lucky enough to have our very own radio station here at school. The children enjoy writing, rehearsing and delivering a weekly programme which is broadcast live across the school and then shared via the school website.

Specialist Weeks

During the course of the year we have special weeks which allow us to focus on our key skills and knowledge. We hold an enterprise project, election week and careers week – which supports the breaking down of gender stereotypes and sharing career ideas which sparks excitement, inspires our children and lends purpose to the curriculum.

School year ends in a high with a whole school production which supports the topic and allows all children to participate and enjoy collaborating. The performance is always a joy and we consistently unearth and celebrate hidden talent.

Community Well-Being

It is important for our happy learners to understand that everyone makes mistakes, it is an integral part of the learning process. Learning from our mistakes is essential to becoming a well-rounded citizen.


We recognise that happy children are our best learners. Therefore, our timetable is designed to include a variety of elements to support emotional and physical well-being. These include: structure and routine clearly displayed and defined each morning with a widget timetable in the classrooms, peer massage to support transition from lunchtime to learning, meet and greet from Bing (our school nurture dog) and the Headteacher every morning, regular use of the all weather track to support the release of endorphins which gives a positive feeling in the body.


Like our children, happy staff are better teachers. We have invested in a range of strategies to support our staff’s well-being, these include: a trained mental health first aider available for appointments, SLT open door policy, TA appreciation day, all out teaching staff trained together, an annual car rally and regular free strokes of Bing.

Parents and Carers

We also recognise the essential need to work in close partnership with our parents. It is important for them to feel part of our family and able to communicate with us easily. Our parent package includes; a family support worker, direct email addresses to all staff, regular parent partnership meetings, a text messaging service, termly parents into lessons, four annual twenty minute parent consultations and three written reports, regular parent surveys and Twitter updates to share our learning. All this and much more.



If you have any queries regarding the curriculum our school is following, please email our Headteacher, Jacqui Johnson.