For the vast majority of children and young people, school building will close tonight and not reopen for the forseeable future.

Taking up a place at school during this time of wider closure is the offer of a last resort, for the minority of key workers, who have no alternative.

These places will be for childcare only and not for education.

If we cannot provide enough staff to support these children the school will close completely.

Please keep yourselves and others safe.

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Helping your child at home

Homework Expectations



Children should be reading at least four times a week and this should be recorded in this book.  Reading can be on their own or out loud to you and should be from a range of different texts including their school reading book.


Writing - Wonderful World Books

These should be written in once a week.  Writing should be good quality and written in pen or pencil not felt tip.  Use the genres on the opposite page to guide this writing.  Writing targets should also be used to raise quality of writing.  Photos can be included if needed but  majority  of work should be writing.


Select a writing genre each week for children to complete in their wonderful world books.

Use writing targets from planner (VCPT Flap) to improve quality of writing.

  • Formal Letter (to a business etc.)
  • Informal Letter (to a friend)
  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Diary
  • Recount
  • Story
  • Poem
  • Explanation text
  • Information text
  • Fact file
  • Newspaper report
  • Non-chronological report
  • Persuasive text
  • Argument text (one side of argument)
  • Balanced argument (both sides of argument)
  • Instructions



Spellings will be set and tested once a week


Maths - Rainbow targets

These targets should be practised at least once a week and recorded in this book.  Guidance and activities for Rainbow targets can be found here.