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Committee and lead governor information and attendance

Ashby Fields Primary School - Governors attendance at meetings 2017/18


Name Governor Type Local Governing Board Finance & Premises Committee Pay & Performance Committee
Ms Caroline Campbell Co-opted Governor 7/7 4/4 N/A
Mr Paul Davies Local Authority Governor 8/10 N/A 2/2
Mrs Jacqueline Johnson (nee White) Headteacher 10/10 4/4 2/2
Miss Toria Poole Co-opted Governor 6/7 3/4 N/A
Mr Roger Proctor Parent Governor 6/7 1/2 N/A
Mrs Emma Ramm (nee Gray) Staff Governor 7/10 N/A N/A
Mrs Alison Solomon Co-opted Governor 9/10 N/A 1/2
Mr Roger Symons Co-opted Governor 9/9 4/4 2/2
Mr Nick Wilmot Parent Governor 7/7 4/4 N/A
Mr Andrew Lockwood Resigned May 2018 8/9 2/4 N/A


Ashby Fields Primary School - Register of Governors Business Interests


Name of Governors Business Interests Membership of other Governing Boards Any Personal Relationships with Staff/Pupils? Yes/No
Mr Ken Bonser None

St James Infants School (Clerk)

Falconer's Hill Infants School 


Ms Caroline Campbell Eye Heroes None Parent
Mr Paul Davies   Landers Road Primary School No
Mrs Jacqueline Johnson Employed by InMAT None Yes
Mrs Jo Kane (Associate Member) Employed at Ashby Fields Primary School None Parent
Miss Toria Poole None None Parent
Mr Roger Proctor None None Parent
Mrs Emma Ramm Employed at Ashby Fields Primary School None None
Mrs Alison Solomon None None None
Mr Robert Symons None None Parent
Mr Nick Wilmot None None Parent

Updated October 2018

K Bonser (Clerk to Governors)