For the vast majority of children and young people, school building will close tonight and not reopen for the forseeable future.

Taking up a place at school during this time of wider closure is the offer of a last resort, for the minority of key workers, who have no alternative.

These places will be for childcare only and not for education.

If we cannot provide enough staff to support these children the school will close completely.

Please keep yourselves and others safe.

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Chairs welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Local Academy Committee (LAC) of Ashby Fields Primary School – formerly known as the Governing Board.

During 2018/19 the committee members undertook a range of visits to school and these will continue in 2019/20. Our visits enable us to monitor the progress the school is making in tackling its priorities. This year we will focus on how the school is continuing to improve standards in reading, writing and maths. In addition, we are looking at how the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum.

When visiting school, committee members undertake a variety of activities to gather evidence of how well the school is doing. This includes talking to pupils and staff, looking at books and visiting classes. Following each visit to school, the governors submit a report to the LAC. This enables the LAC to monitor the schools progress using evidence primarily based upon the pupils experience.

The LAC reviews its own performance each year and from this we agree a Governor Improvement Plan.

As a member of the Inspire Multi Academy Trust (InMAT) the LAC is accountable to the Executive of InMAT.  We work closely with members of InMAT and other LACs in the Trust.

I have identified below the current membership of the LAC and some of their specific responsibilities:

Caroline Campbell (Co-opted) – Pupil Premium Lead Governor

Paul Davies (Co-opted) – Chair of LAC and Pay and Performance committees

Jacqui Johnson (Headteacher)

Victoria Poole (Co-opted)

Roger Proctor (Parent elected Governor) – Vice Chair of LAC and Health and Safety Lead Governor

Emma Ramm (Staff elected governor)

Alison Solomon (LA Governor) – Vice Chair of LAC and Safeguarding Lead Governor

Bob Symons (Co-opted) – Vice Chair of Finance and Resources Committee

Nick Wilmot (Parent elected Governor) – Chair of Finance and Resources Committee and Website Lead Governor

In addition, we have 2 associate members with non-voting rights:

Gemma Harvey (Deputy Headteacher)

Jo Kane (Assistant Headteacher)

The clerk to the LAC and other committees is Ken Bonser.

The governors undertake their responsibilities through the following:

We have 3 committees:

  • Local Advisory Committee
  • Pay and Performance
  • Finance and Resources

In addition, we have ‘lead governors’ who undertake specific monitoring of the school in such crucial areas as safeguarding (see above).

Governors also undertake ‘Governor Impact Visits’ which focus on in-depth monitoring of particular aspects of school life.

Finally, working in partnership with our parents and carers is very important. We will be consulting with parents and carers as well as other stakeholders (pupils and staff) in 2019/20 to help us to review the values and aims of the school. We remain dedicated to making Ashby Fields the best school it can be for all our pupils.

Yours sincerely

Paul Davies

(Chair of LAC, Ashby Fields Primary School)




Should you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, Paul Davies please write to him

C/o Ashby Fields Primary School addressing the envelope 'Private & Confidential'. Many thanks