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Chairs welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the work of Ashby Fields Primary School Local Governing Board.


The governors are very proud to be part of the Ashby Fields Primary School community. We are committed to supporting and ensuring the ethos of the school:


‘Our school nurtures aspiration, curiosity, creativity and resilience in a safe, caring and inclusive environment where learning is at the heart of all that we do’


As a member of InMAT (Inspire Multi Academy Trust), we are accountable to the Trust and regularly meet with members of the Trust to review our progress as governors of the school.

The Local Governing Board’s main role is to provide support and challenge. We are focused upon continuous school improvement and ensuring all our children reach their potential through a broad and balanced curriculum.


In September, the governors agreed the 2018/19 School Improvement Plan. The governors monitor and review the progress of the school through:


• Committees – please see the list of committees and members below
• ‘Lead Governors’ who specialise in aspects of the work of the school such as ensuring safeguarding, use and impact of PE and Sport funding, quality of Special Educational Needs provision, use of Pupil Premium funding etc
• Learning walks - when groups of governors visit the school to focus on one area of improvement identified in the School Improvement Plan


Governors make sure that ‘Pupil Voice’ is a focus for our monitoring. We regularly meet the children to ask them about their experiences at Ashby Fields.


It is also important for the governors to continue to improve what we do. In 2018/19, we have set ourselves a wide range of priorities including:


• Ensuring are children (‘Pupil Voice’) our at the core of what we do
• Improving our communication with our parents and carers
• Ensuring the new monitoring systems introduced during 2017/18 are embedded and effective
• Ensuring governors can carry out their responsibilities through training and development
• Continuing to challenge the school’s leadership in raising attainment and meeting the needs of all our children


The governors are fully committed to the importance of the ‘core subjects’ (reading, writing and maths) and raising attainment in these key areas as they are crucial for the future of our children. However, the governors are also committed to ensuring the children have a broad and balanced curriculum which excites and interests them and supports our values:

• Responsibility
• Respect
• Forgiveness
• Courage
• Patience
• Independence
• Self-belief
• Happiness
• Team Spirit
• Honesty


Finally, working in partnership with the parents and carers of our Ashby Fields children is crucial. If you have suggestions and ideas about how we can continue to develop our school, please contact us via the school office.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Davies 
(Chair of Governors)

Should you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, Paul Davies please write to him

C/o Ashby Fields Primary School addressing the envelope 'Private & Confidential'. Many thanks