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Parent Partnership

Parent Partnership 2017 - 18


Welcome to a new school year.  We will be continuing to work on creating a stronger parent partnership and increasing opportunities for parents to be involved in school life.  If you have any suggestions for areas that could be improved or areas that are working really well then please email me  The Parent Working group meet every 2 weeks to discuss ideas for the school and all are welcome to attend.  The next meeting is Tuesday 26th September at 3.30 in Beech class, please come along and join us.


Please find below details of events that have been organised so far for this year.  More will follow.


Thank you for your continued support


Deborah Godfrey

Parents in lessons invitation

Reading sessions timetable

Update June 2017


We have recently had an Interim Review to check our progress towards the Leading Parent Partnership Award and this has shown that we are on track to achieve this award.  The final review will be on the 17th July and, if we are successful, we will  hold the award for 3 years.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents and staff that have been involved in the award.  Thank you to all parents who have attended an event in school like: reading mornings; maths lessons; homework forum; parent consultations; Parent College; etc. Your support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you to all the staff who have facilitated events in school for parents to attend.  Also a big thank you to the Parent Working Group for their incredible support so far and the amazing impact they have already made and will continue to make in the future.


The aim is for Parent Partnership to continue to grow and I am looking forward to the opportunities that the future will hold.

Evaluation of parents in lessons

Parent Partnership Page


Welcome to the Parent Partnership Page.  This page will contain information about ways in which we are working together to create a greater partnership between home and school.  It will also show details of any events that are taking place and constant feedback to show what we are doing in school and why we are doing it.  You will be given details of how your feedback is being used and what actions are being taken because of it.  Information will be added below so please scroll down.


If there are any events taking place in the school community that you would like documents here then please let me know and I will add them on.  This is a page for the Ashby Fields Primary School Community as part of us all continuing to create a great team.


I look forward to working with you all and please don't hesitate to keep in touch.


Deborah Godfrey


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