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  • Wimborne Place, Ashby Fields, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 0YP,
  • Telephone 01327 310068

Meet the Ashby Fields Team

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Headteacher - Mrs Jacqui Johnson
Leadership Team 2 Acting Deputy Head - Mrs Jo Kane
Leadership Team 3 Acting Assistant Head - Mrs Vicki Keown
Leadership Team 4 Deputy Head - Mrs Gemma Harvey (maternity leave)

Phase Leaders

Phase Leaders 1 Mrs Emma Ramm - Phase Leader for EYFS and KS1
Phase Leaders 2 Mr Andy Shaw - Phase Leader for KS2

Reception Classes

Reception Classes 1 Sycamore Class Teacher - Mrs Christa Margieson
Reception Classes 2 Cherry Class Teacher - Miss Sara Skelcey

Year 1 Classes

Year 1 Classes 1 Oak Class Teacher - Mr Richard Amery
Year 1 Classes 2 Elm Class Teacher - Mrs Gebby Eaton

Year 2 Classes

Year 2 Classes 1 Monkey Puzzle Class Teacher - Mrs Emma Ramm
Year 2 Classes 2 Willow Class Teacher - Miss Hannah Moriarty

Year 3 Classes

Year 3 Classes 1 Eucalyptus Class Teacher - Mrs Arlena Green
Year 3 Classes 2 Ash Class Teacher - Mrs Catherine Scott

Year 4 Classes

Year 4 Classes 1 Chestnut Class Teacher - Mr Andy Shaw
Year 4 Classes 2 Palm Class Teacher - Mrs Allie Pitt

Year 5 Classes

Year 5 Classes 1 Maple Class Teacher - Mrs Jo Ransome
Year 5 Classes 2 Elder Class Teacher - Mrs Keown (maternity leave)
Year 5 Classes 3 Elder Class Teacher - Mrs Jo Kane

Year 6 Classes

Year 6 Classes 1 Silver Birch Class Teacher - Mrs Kath Purr
Year 6 Classes 2 Beech Class Teacher - Miss Louisa Broad
Year 6 Classes 3 Beech Class Teacher - Mrs Christine Hambrook

School Nurture Buddy

School Nurture Buddy 1 Bing Johnson

PPA Cover

PPA Cover 1 Music Teacher - Mr Martin Baglee
PPA Cover 2 PE Teacher - Mr Dale Cooper
PPA Cover 3 Dance Teacher - Mrs Karen Bailey

Inclusion Team

Inclusion Team 1 Mrs Jo Kane
Inclusion Team 2 Mrs Caroline Grant
Inclusion Team 3 Mrs Janie Edwards
Inclusion Team 4 Mrs Julie Forde
Inclusion Team 5 Mrs Mandy Peachey
Inclusion Team 6 Mrs Gemma Harvey (maternity leave)

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs Ali Taplin
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs Claire Stevens
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs Jayne Franks
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs Carrie Brown
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs Lindsay Nicklin
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs Fern Clarke
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs Jayne Batson
Teaching Assistants 8 Miss Nya Fraser
Picture 1 Mrs Michelle Stanley
Picture 2 Ms Kate Green
Picture 3 Mrs Lindsey Green
Picture 1 Mrs Paula Smith
Picture 2 Mrs Jane Lancaster
Picture 3 Mrs Cara Archer
Picture 4 Miss Georgina Salaman
Picture 1 Mrs Jo Brown
Picture 2 Mrs Debbie Langman
Picture 3 Mrs Julie East
Picture 4 Mrs Wendy Catlin
Picture 5 Mrs Debbie Haynes
Picture 6 Miss Paula Brackenridge
Picture 7 Miss Sharon Carter

Office and Site Staff

Office and Site Staff 1 Mrs Michelle Lathe - Personnel Officer
Office and Site Staff 2 Miss Helle Andersen - Finance Assistant
Office and Site Staff 3 Mrs Jodie Rush - Admin Assistant
Office and Site Staff 4 Miss Molly Hobrow - Apprentice
Office and Site Staff 5 Mr Dean Johnson - Site Supervisor
Office and Site Staff 6 Mrs Claire Carter - Business Manager
Office and Site Staff 7 Miss Jade Carter - Site Cleaner
Office and Site Staff 8 Miss Tracy-Louise Davies - Site Cleaner

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors 1 Mrs Elizabeth Basnett
Lunchtime Supervisors 2 Mrs Tracie Clough
Lunchtime Supervisors 3 Mrs Sharon Carter
Lunchtime Supervisors 4 Miss Jade Carter
Lunchtime Supervisors 5 Mrs Sharon David
Lunchtime Supervisors 6 Miss Tracy-Louise Davis
Lunchtime Supervisors 7 Miss Emma Walker
Lunchtime Supervisors 8 Mrs Justine Wooff
Lunchtime Supervisors 9 Mrs Pippa Wright

Orchards Wrap Around Care

Orchards Wrap Around Care 1 Mrs Haynes - Orchards Manager
Orchards Wrap Around Care 2 Mrs Taplin - Senior Club Assistant
Orchards Wrap Around Care 3 Mrs Langman - Club Assistant
Orchards Wrap Around Care 4 Mrs Batson -Club Assistant
Orchards Wrap Around Care 5 Mrs Stanley - Club Assistant
Orchards Wrap Around Care 6 Mrs Smith - Club Assistant
Orchards Wrap Around Care 7 Miss Carter - Club Assistant
Orchards Wrap Around Care 8 Mrs Janie Edwards - Club Assistant